About WhatNeXT

Many students are confused in choosing right engineering colleges they should opt for. WhatNeXT has been developed with the goal to help students in making right decision and guide them to know best suited career opportunity available. We consult students by looking at their profile and suggest a list of suitable engineering colleges in Maharashtra they should look for.

WhatNeXT College Suggester Engine asks a student, his/her basic information, such as MHT-CET score, category, gender, home university, etc. and based on the previous years' cut-offs, provides a suggestion-list of top 15 colleges for him/her. It also has a feature that asks students for their various preferences about university, college, branch, etc and gives suggestions accordingly. Along with the top 15 college list, we also help students know, various information about the suggested colleges, including college address, website, hostel intake, fees, etc.


WhatNeXT is a platform developed with our personal motivation and desire to help students in choosing right career opportunity available for them. It is a joint effort of our team - Harshal Jain, Pradeep Chaudhari, Gaurish Chaudhari. We have launched this website immediately after graduating from College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) from department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology. We all are very fond of coding and algorithms. We are also interested in learning new software technologies and exploring it.

Harshal Jain
B.Tech. CoEP
Pradeep Chaudhari
B.Tech. CoEP
Gaurish Chaudhari
B.Tech. CoEP
Yogesh Patil