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WhatNeXT is a popular web portal in Maharashtra as an engineering college suggester engine, developed by CoEP students.

WhatNeXT has become famous and successful in a short while immediately after it has been launched and become hit in people and media. This is due to several features. It provides admission cut-offs and college suggestion list for all colleges over Maharashtra. It also provides information of various colleges. The web service is free of cost to users and also has a very friendly interacting interface considering the end users.

Most of the visitors of WhatNeXT are students and their parents. There are a large number of students interested in engineering admissions. WhatNeXT has got most of its hits in the period between MHT-CET exam and engineering admission rounds in Maharashtra. In last year 2011, we had more than 600 hits visiting WhatNeXT daily with average time more than 5 minutes during the months, May to July.

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